If you’re looking for a service comparable to the GloBo gym price of $10 a month WCCF is not the place for you. Our training packages include full trainer access, nutrition counseling, supplementation counseling, accountability, community, and results. Everything you need to succeed. Monthly access for less than what you would pay for 4 hours of one on one personal training anywhere in Corpus Christi.



The best way to get a real sense of CrossFit is to stop by and take one of our free intro classes. Each includes some careful instruction on basic movements, followed by a WhiteCap CrossFit workout based on those movements.  We ask that that you schedule your free intro in advance so we can provide you with a proper introduction with one of our coaches.  Free intro classes are suitable for all fitness levels. We know that trying a new workout class or gym can be intimidating, so we’ve built our intro classes to allow anyone to jump right in, regardless of the shape they’re in.  You can schedule your intro by text or email:  361.960.6027   -or-    melody@whitecapcrossfit.com


We have many unlimited monthly packages for you to choose from and we offer Student/Teacher/First Responder/Military discounts.  We also offer Family Discounts.  Contact us to schedule your free class and see what you think about WCCF and then we can go over package options in detail with you.  melody@whitecapcrossfit.com


10 sessions for $150 (punch card an be used any time...no expiration date)

We offer a 10 session punch card that allows you to have access to any of our scheduled CrossFit classes throughout the week.  This is a great option for the person who is away on business trips frequently throughout the month.


We’re proud to have some of the best CrossFit Coaches in Corpus Christi right here at the WCCF.   Our members get the benefit of their expertise in our group programming, but our coaches are also available for one-on-one Elements Workshops, one-on-one CrossFit WODs, and specialized weightlifting, kettlebell training, endurance, rehab/pre-hab, football training, swim coaching, CrossFit competitors training, and mobility training. [Note: You do not need to be a member of WhiteCap CrossFit to sign up for personal training.]


$20 per class

Though unlimited membership is far more popular, we also offer a pay-as-you-go plan for people whose schedule doesn’t allow regular workouts at the WhiteCap CrossFit. Any CrossFitter can drop by for WOD classes whenever they want, for just $20 each. (This drop-in rate also applies to visiting CrossFitters.)

VISITING CROSSFITTERS WELCOME!!  As mentioned above, the drop-in rate applies to visitors as well.  Once here, be sure to let the coach know your level of experience with CrossFit training, and if you have any limitations, so they can help make your WOD great. We look forward to working out with you!